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Here's a few nice things people say about working with us...

"Imogen ran a workshop at Google, Play your way to resilience, for over 60 leaders across the EMEA region. She was not only engaging and inspiring, she left the group feeling energised and motivated. Her style is truly innovative and she lives and breathes her content of playfulness and creativity throughout. Leaders today continue to quote Imogen and put into practice her ideas, particularly during moments of challenge and change.  I would highly recommend Imogen!"

-       Nic Weatherhead, People Ops Director, Google


We thoroughly enjoyed the session and loved the resilience board game – so creative! Imogen was incredibly knowledgeable, insightful and engaging. Her combination of theory, research and deep experience of practical application was particularly valuable and we would love to continue to work with Imogen. I would highly recommend her to any organisation that is looking to deepen their understanding of what a positive culture looks like and how they can develop this within their organisation.”

-       Clara Turner, Culture and Leadership Expert, PA Consulting

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and here's a few more...
Not all Plain Sailing™ is a game that helps groups worldwide to create connection, boost creativity and cope better with challenges and change. 

Participants explore evidence-based strategies for resilience and well-being and consider how they can apply their learning to weather future challenges. 

In a hybrid world, where incidental conversations are a scarcity, this game provides the perfect catalyst for teams to have meaningful conversations and deepen team connection.


Here's a few things people said after playing it:
“I think it’s one of the most remarkable games I’ve ever played. If you get the chance to play the game, take it!”
​“It’s fantastic! It’s a really insightful game that helps you understand yourself and the people you’re playing with in a better way”.


​​“I liked the interactive nature of it - it was so much more effective than sitting in a training room!”


​“The practical nature of it meant I left with actions I could immediately apply.” 

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