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Playful Resilience®

Serious work, playfully done

We believe play is key to living, learning and leading, especially through times of change and challenge.

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All work and no play...

Our solutions help leaders, teams and organisations to raise resilience so they can navigate their way through the challenges ahead - it's serious work, playfully done. 

We've helped leaders and teams tap into the power of play to enhance creativity, connection and their ability to cope with what comes their way. 

We're at the forefront of academic research and all our approaches are informed by cutting-edge science from positive psychology, applied neuroscience and adult development. 

Boost your team's creativity, connection and coping skills by playing our innovative resilience board game Not all plain sailing™, or learn how to leverage the power of play to boost well-being and performance through our tailored workshops and talks.

Click here to learn more about our programmes and the team behind Playful Resilience®, browse through some of the nice things people have said about our work, or click below to set up a play date! 

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